Thursday, 10 September 2009

Rivlin & Andrew - birds of a feather

Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC & Professor Christopher Andrew

What is the connection you might ask? The connection is that these are two of a kind. Both have progressed to positions of self-imagined importance through their assiduous and comical cultivation of people who may be of use to them in furthering their careers - their assiduous and shameless licking of the private parts of those persons and their assiduous comical self-promotion by all means possible. Both birds are not satisfied with the position that they have gained by the above tactics and are now both set (alongside many occupants of council houses) on becoming "celebrities". Both birds harbour secret and comical ambitions to become knights: Sir Geoffrey Rivlin and Sir Christopher Andrew. But once those honours have been achieved, neither will be satisfied and both will imagine they should really end up as members of the House of Lords ... Lord Geoffrey Rivlin QC .... Lord Christopher Andrew .....

Another characteristic shared by these two birds is the desire to be known as famous authors. Both have produced books in which they have gone to great lengths to popularise, and both books are nothing more than compendiums of other peoples (real authors) publications. So, both parrots can only be described as compilers of compendiums, and both parrots have, without doubt, used the same tactics in compiling their compendiums by the means of using young students to do the work involved in compiling the completed books.

We expect no response to these comments, which in our opinion will confirm the accuracy of our accusations ........ and we can all take their silence as guilt.

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