Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Court recordings of Geoffrey Rivlin QC

Geoffrey Rivlin QC could be considered as a sort of "evil genius", who is living in his own "criminal fantasy land".

These words may not mean much to our visitors, but go and listen to the complete audio recording of the trial, and then wonder why Geoffrey Rivlin removed his prosecution closing speech from the offical transcript of John's trial.

It is quite understandable why Rivlin brought his local court shorthand writers all the way from Leeds to Middlesborough - this enabled him to not only remove his speech from the transcript, but also to assist judge Angus Stroyan in making a great number of alterations to the judge's Summing Up, so making it a completely inaccurate record of what was said.

We hope some legal professionals will look at the evidence at John's trial and send us comments about what happened in that courtroom. How did they get away with the use of tape recordings that had been criticised by several experts?

Geoffrey Rivlin sits like a spider at the centre of his web of a 'criminal fantasy land'

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