Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC court transcript published

We have just published the full closing speech given by Geoffrey Rivlin QC at John's trial in 1981. Rivlin brought his own court shorthand writers from Leeds so that he could get the result he wanted, one key point of which was that he asked for his closing speech to be removed from the official written transcript of John's trial.

We will go into the reasons why it was necessary for Rivlin to have his speech hidden from view, but luckily we were able to recreate his speech from the audio recording made by Police C.I.B. You can listen to the speech and read the transcript on the website.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Angus Stroyan and Geoffrey Rivlin QC exposed

We have created a new website to offer our readers the actual evidence that appeared at John's trial in 1981, which was based on the Times Inquiry of 1969. You will be able to read the trial transcripts and hear the recordings of what happened in the court room. One thing which quickly becomes obvious is that the official transcript of the judge's summing up was doctored, because it does not correspond with the words the judge spoke on the audio recording.

Go and read more on the website, and there will be more interesting revelations coming very soon.