Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Russian Gas for Europe's Energy Security

Voice of Russia is publishing a series of articles upon the opening of the Nord stream, which began pumping gas today through Germany and onward to Europe.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Nigel West Keynote Speech at Raleigh Spy Conference

This may be a little old now, but Nigel West's Keynote Speech at the Raleigh Spy Conference (2009) is now available as a written transcript. Read it and listen to Nigel West telling the story.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC retirement

Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC has finally been put out to grass! Rivlin was the prosecutor who John Symonds showed as being dishonest, when he had his closing speech to the jury removed from the official transcript of John's trial. Luckily we had a tape recording of the speech, and we made our own transcript, so the speech is now available to anybody who wants to analyse the arguments Rivlin used to engineer John's conviction.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Romeo Spy in Shortlist Magazine

We have been informed that an article mentioning John Symonds will be appearing in this magazine soon. Can't wait to see what they say about John! Will keep you posted when it is published.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Jon Ronson on Spying

Jon Ronson interviewed John Symonds for his programme "Jon Ronson on ..." recently. The subject of the programme was spying, and John told Jon Ronson exactly what he thought about this subject.

John was not the only person interviewed for this programme - part of his series 6 - but you can hear the whole programme broadcast on BBC's Radio 4 (on Tuesday 3 May 2011) by going to the website here.

A transcript of John's part of the programme is now available on this page of the website.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Lesbian Judges facilitated conviction

Judge Angus Stroyan may have been the judge who sat on the bench at John's trial, and Prosecutor Geoffrey Rivlin QC may have put the case on behalf of the CPS, but the real brains behind the case were two lesbian judges, one of them the sister of Angus Stroyan, and the other her sister-in-law.

Read the details on the website, where we have referred to this lesbian pair as "wicked sisters".

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Romeo Spy film story cut from Mail on Sunday

The article describing the forthcoming movie about John's life was published in early editions of the Mail on Sunday, but was then cut from the later editions. We are assured that there was nothing suspicious about this, but it is strange how such things have mysteriously occurred in the past, when journalists wanted to write stories about John. Some retired admiral would suddenly turn up waving a piece of paper called a D-Notice, and overnight the story was no longer of interest.

Of course, this is no consolation to John's army of relatives and friends who he told to go and buy the Mail on Sunday yesterday. What can we say to them when they arrive at John's door weeping and complaining that they can't find the article within the newspaper?

Well, as far as we can tell, the article is still available on-line and we will print it below to make doubly sure that no idiot up-the-Rear Admiral tries to make it vanish before everybody has had a chance to read it.

Romeo Spy story in the Mail Online

To the big screen with love, the story of the British 'Romeo Spy'

By Mail on Sunday Reporter
on 19th September 2009

The life story of a British KGB agent who claimed he seduced hundreds of women to gather state secrets for the Soviets is to be made into a film.

Romeo Spy - John Alexander Symonds

The movie will put the spotlight on MI5 and MI6, which wrongly dismissed John Symonds as a fantasist.

A script for Romeo Spy has been completed and Daniel Craig and Jude Law are said to be in the running to play the lead role.

A former Met Police detective, Symonds went on the run from Britain in 1972 after being accused of corruption.

While at large, he says he was targeted by the KGB and went on to spend eight years spying for them by seducing women in Western embassies.

Symonds returned to the UK in the Eighties and offered to turn informer against his Moscow bosses but intelligence services did not believe his story. The defection of a KGB archivist in 1992, however, confirmed his role.

Symonds, now 74, last night said he was never a traitor. 'Anyone who knows the facts will probably regard me as a patriot.'

Canada-based Prodigy Pictures said it hoped to start production soon.