Sunday, 20 September 2009

Romeo Spy film story cut from Mail on Sunday

The article describing the forthcoming movie about John's life was published in early editions of the Mail on Sunday, but was then cut from the later editions. We are assured that there was nothing suspicious about this, but it is strange how such things have mysteriously occurred in the past, when journalists wanted to write stories about John. Some retired admiral would suddenly turn up waving a piece of paper called a D-Notice, and overnight the story was no longer of interest.

Of course, this is no consolation to John's army of relatives and friends who he told to go and buy the Mail on Sunday yesterday. What can we say to them when they arrive at John's door weeping and complaining that they can't find the article within the newspaper?

Well, as far as we can tell, the article is still available on-line and we will print it below to make doubly sure that no idiot up-the-Rear Admiral tries to make it vanish before everybody has had a chance to read it.

Romeo Spy story in the Mail Online

To the big screen with love, the story of the British 'Romeo Spy'

By Mail on Sunday Reporter
on 19th September 2009

The life story of a British KGB agent who claimed he seduced hundreds of women to gather state secrets for the Soviets is to be made into a film.

Romeo Spy - John Alexander Symonds

The movie will put the spotlight on MI5 and MI6, which wrongly dismissed John Symonds as a fantasist.

A script for Romeo Spy has been completed and Daniel Craig and Jude Law are said to be in the running to play the lead role.

A former Met Police detective, Symonds went on the run from Britain in 1972 after being accused of corruption.

While at large, he says he was targeted by the KGB and went on to spend eight years spying for them by seducing women in Western embassies.

Symonds returned to the UK in the Eighties and offered to turn informer against his Moscow bosses but intelligence services did not believe his story. The defection of a KGB archivist in 1992, however, confirmed his role.

Symonds, now 74, last night said he was never a traitor. 'Anyone who knows the facts will probably regard me as a patriot.'

Canada-based Prodigy Pictures said it hoped to start production soon.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Romeo Spy movie about to be produced at Prodigy Pictures

We have finally received the good news that the film about John's life story is about to go into production at Prodigy Pictures. On Sunday (tomorrow) there is an article about John's film in the Mail on Sunday.

Hervé Villechaize

We shall be interested to hear from anybody interested in John's story, and we are open to receiving your questions about his life. The time has come for the truth to be told. Sharpen your pencils and ask your questions ...

If you don't get the point about Hervé Jean-Pierre Villechaize, then please go and read the UK Legal post here.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Rivlin & Andrew - birds of a feather

Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC & Professor Christopher Andrew

What is the connection you might ask? The connection is that these are two of a kind. Both have progressed to positions of self-imagined importance through their assiduous and comical cultivation of people who may be of use to them in furthering their careers - their assiduous and shameless licking of the private parts of those persons and their assiduous comical self-promotion by all means possible. Both birds are not satisfied with the position that they have gained by the above tactics and are now both set (alongside many occupants of council houses) on becoming "celebrities". Both birds harbour secret and comical ambitions to become knights: Sir Geoffrey Rivlin and Sir Christopher Andrew. But once those honours have been achieved, neither will be satisfied and both will imagine they should really end up as members of the House of Lords ... Lord Geoffrey Rivlin QC .... Lord Christopher Andrew .....

Another characteristic shared by these two birds is the desire to be known as famous authors. Both have produced books in which they have gone to great lengths to popularise, and both books are nothing more than compendiums of other peoples (real authors) publications. So, both parrots can only be described as compilers of compendiums, and both parrots have, without doubt, used the same tactics in compiling their compendiums by the means of using young students to do the work involved in compiling the completed books.

We expect no response to these comments, which in our opinion will confirm the accuracy of our accusations ........ and we can all take their silence as guilt.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC to be asked to take polygraph lie detector test

As the facts of John's trial in 1981 are being revealed in detail for the first time, the 'criminal fantasy land' of Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC is being exposed for all to see. We would like Rivlin to volunteer to undergo a polygraph lie detector test to see if he can answer questions that we would like to put to him. He claimed in his Prosecution closing speech that John had received a "fair trial". Let us now see if Rivlin has the courage to face trial by polygraph.

Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC - that "Evil Genius"

We have published some of the questions we should like to ask Rivlin on this website. We believe that a thorough interrogation of Rivlin should reveal some interesting facts that have been hidden since before John's trial.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Court recordings of Geoffrey Rivlin QC

Geoffrey Rivlin QC could be considered as a sort of "evil genius", who is living in his own "criminal fantasy land".

These words may not mean much to our visitors, but go and listen to the complete audio recording of the trial, and then wonder why Geoffrey Rivlin removed his prosecution closing speech from the offical transcript of John's trial.

It is quite understandable why Rivlin brought his local court shorthand writers all the way from Leeds to Middlesborough - this enabled him to not only remove his speech from the transcript, but also to assist judge Angus Stroyan in making a great number of alterations to the judge's Summing Up, so making it a completely inaccurate record of what was said.

We hope some legal professionals will look at the evidence at John's trial and send us comments about what happened in that courtroom. How did they get away with the use of tape recordings that had been criticised by several experts?

Geoffrey Rivlin sits like a spider at the centre of his web of a 'criminal fantasy land'