Thursday, 3 September 2009

Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC to be asked to take polygraph lie detector test

As the facts of John's trial in 1981 are being revealed in detail for the first time, the 'criminal fantasy land' of Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC is being exposed for all to see. We would like Rivlin to volunteer to undergo a polygraph lie detector test to see if he can answer questions that we would like to put to him. He claimed in his Prosecution closing speech that John had received a "fair trial". Let us now see if Rivlin has the courage to face trial by polygraph.

Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC - that "Evil Genius"

We have published some of the questions we should like to ask Rivlin on this website. We believe that a thorough interrogation of Rivlin should reveal some interesting facts that have been hidden since before John's trial.

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