Monday, 6 July 2009

'Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice' Exposed

Some days ago we put up the official transcript of the judge's Summing Up from John's trial. We have also now put up the Metropolitan Police official tape recordings of the judge actually making his summing up. This is a first occasion where members of the public can see the absolute proof of what John has been alleging for many years now. The judge's summing up was so biased and so weighted for the prosecution, and against John, that he was advised to appeal against this summing up.

We are astonished, when shortly after lodging his appeal, John was informed that the appeal judges had rejected his appeal out of hand and had ruled that he should not be allowed to appeal. John complained against this ruling to the then only authority open to him, a Home Office Department (C3?).

John had made his own notes during the judge's summing up, and as he was then in prison commencing his sentence he had no access to any photocopying machine, so John therefore attached his handwritten notes to his complaint to C3 as his evidence.

John heard no more from the Home Office Department, but he was later told that his notes had been mislaid, or lost, or mistakenly sent to the judge. On John's release from prison he was able to arrange for the complete transcript of the trial to be transcribed. John's next step was to seek to prove that the judge's transcript had been doctored, and the only way John could do that was by obliging the Police Force to supply him with a copy of their tape recordings of his trial. They refused to do this on the grounds that the officer in the case had assured both the judge and the prosecutor that John would never be allowed to have access to these recordings. The recordings were Police property and confidential to the Police.

After some years of all out campaigning John was eventually allowed a copy of the recordings of his complete trial after a deputation of a dozen Detective Chief Superintendants went to see the Commissioner and told him that he really should allow John access to the recordings. These Detective Chief Superintendents had served with John when they were sergeants together, and they knew that John had always been a completely honest police officer and would never have accepted a bribe.

During the previous 16 years these officers had risen from Sergeant to Detective Chief Superintendent, and as John also surely would have done had his career not been blighted by these false allegations, which had been pursued by the very corrupt senior officers who had themselves been later convicted as a result of information sent by John to Lord Longford and other powerful people within the Country and Government.

As soon as John received the tapes he played those of the summing up against the written version and it was immediately obvious to him that the words he complained of in his appeal had in fact been spoken by the judge, but were not on the document sent to the appeal court as a record of what the judge had said. John made an official complaint to the police authorities and a investigation was set up, which soon discovered that everything he had said in the past about the judge's behaviour had been proved by the Police recordings, and they had interviewed the shorthand writers who admitted that they had supplied the master copy transcript of the shorthand writers account of the summing up to the judge on his request, and that the prosecutor Geoffrey Rivlin had returned to the court, and both judge and prosecutor went very carefully through the original transcript of the summing up, and made numerous alterations by means of deletions and additions and alterations.

The judge had then ordered the shorthand writers to produce another edited form of the summing up document, which they did, and this was the document sent to the appeal court.

The Commissioner of Police ruled that no further action should be taken, astonishingly the Commissioner of Police then ruled that John should not be allowed to know the true result of his complaint. That order resulted in causing a delegation of a dozen Chief Superintendents of Scotland Yard going as a group to the Commissioner and forcing him to rescind his order, that was how John came into possession of the Metropolitan Police recording of his trial.

John was obliged to wait for some time while the reel to reel tapes were copied onto cassettes, and during that time he heard that, although the Commissioner gave way to him having a copy of the tapes, he did not accept the conspiracy allegation, because the entire Justice System would then be totally discredited.

As the result of being made aware of this information John, together with a one time fellow Detective Sergeant, but by then a man recently retired from a very senior Scotland Yard rank, went to the Leeds office of the shorthand writers, who recognised John's friend who had been part of the investigation team who had recorded their previous confessions, and they then personally re-interviewed the two directors of the company. The directors confirmed everything that John had heard, and named the shorthand writer who was present when the judge and prosecutor were altering the official record, because she had to alter her shorthand notes (the official record).

The company directors (Mr Humphreys and Mr Barnett of 19 Queen Victoria Street, Leeds, LS1 6BD) explained that the practice of altering trial records was in fact a general practice of people within the court shorthand writer profession. They also said that they knew Rivlin very well, because he was then on the Leeds circuit, and their office was also in Leeds, and that the bulk of their work was in the Leeds area. They gave John and his friend the impression that Rivlin had been responsible for getting them the job of recording John's trial, because they were on a different circuit to the Middlesborough Crown Court which usually used their own shorthand reporters to record their own local trials, and Rivlin was the man who later took them back to Middlesbrough to later alter (correct) the records.

The directors of the shorthand writers company were very worried about the situation of seeing John again, although now more a prosecutor than a defendant, and as part of their defence they said this was not unusual, because they were very well used to being asked to return to the court with their notebooks to alter the official records of a trial. They said that sometimes the records were altered to clarify matters before they went before the appeal court, in other words to tidy them up and check them.

John then met the shorthand writer who had made the actual notes during his trial, and had been called back to alter her own notes under the direct orders of the judge and prosecutor - Stroyan and Rivlin.

The shorthand writer appeared completely unconcerned by the events, whereas the company directors were certainly very worried. During their conversation, the directors of this shorthand company stated that this was the common practice, and they had thought nothing about it. But they also said that their rival companies were always called in on capital cases because they were prepared to make major alterations to documents that would decide whether a human being was to be hung or not. There is much more information on these lines to come later.

On John's return from Leeds he went to see his lawyer, who told him that this was a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, and he noticed that the shorthand company was a private company and they would be ruined if John took action against them. John declined to go down that road because they had freely admitted their part in this, and they were just following the rules and systems then in use, and so John declined to take out a writ against them. John noticed that their own lawyers gave them similar advice, and that they had immediately closed down their private company and that two days later had then opened up a new company, this time "limited". A check on company records will show the date when this happened and therefore back up the date when John visited them.

N.B. Evidence of Stroyan and Rivlin's criminal actions are now being demonstrated on this site.

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